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> What is a cookie? What is it used for?

A Cookie is a test file that records information about your browsing on the site. Be careful in any case, the Cookie allows the one who filed it to obtain information stored on your hard drive or personal information. It allows you to recognize you when you return to our site and allows us to facilitate the use of the site

> How to accept, set or reject a cookie ?

You can configure your browser or software so that cookies are saved or rejected in your device and other settings.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Choose the menu “Tools” and “Internet Options” Click on the tab “Confidentiality” Select the desired level using the cursor

For Mozilla Firefox:

Choose the menu “Tools”> “Options” Click on the “Privacy” option “Cookies” heading

For Chrome:

Choose the “Edit” menu> “Preferences” Click on the “Personal data” option “Cookies” section

For Safari:

Choose the “Edit”> “Preferences” menu Click on the “Personal data” option “Cookies” heading

> Consequences of your choice concerning

Cookies Any setting you make will be likely to have consequences on your browsing on the internet and concerning the website that you visit may have consequences on the conditions of access to some of the services, for example : remembering your form identifiers, comment fields, etc.It is important that you know that if you decide to refuse or delete Cookies on your browsers or mobile devices, this will not prevent the display of advertising on the websites you visit. The only difference is that they will no longer be adapted to your interests.

> Cookies issued on the site

When you connect to this site, we may install various cookies in your device Allowing us to recognize the browser of your device during the validity period of the cookie concerned (maximum 13 months). allow to: – establish statistics and volumes of use and use of the various elements of the site (headings and content visited, routes), to improve the interest and ergonomics of services; presentation of the site to the display preferences of your terminal (used language, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits to the Site, depending on the hardware and software viewing or reading that your terminal – to memorize information relating to a form that you have filled in on the site (registration, contact form, contest form comments, etc.) or to the products, services or information you have chosen on the site – to implement security measures, for example when you are asked to connect again to a content or service after a certain period of time

> Cookies called “social networks”

Pages and articles on the site may be accompanied by a third-party computer application allowing the sharing of such content on social networks, such as buttons under the mention »Share This page ».We have no control over the process used by the social networks concerned (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest) to collect this information and invite you to consult the privacy policies of the latter.

> Cookies issued by third parties to site users

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) distributed on the site may contain Cookies issued by third parties. The issue and use of cookies by these third parties, are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. These cookies allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies: to count the number of displays advertising content disseminated via the advertising space present on the site, identifying the advertisements thus displayed, the number of users having clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due for this fact and to establish statistics; recognize your device during its subsequent navigation on any other site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and, where appropriate, to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the navigation of your terminal of which they may be informed

> What is the interest of seeing adverts adapted to your navigation?

Our objective is to present advertisements as relevant as possible. To this end, the technology of cookies makes it possible to determine in real time which advertisement to display to a terminal, according to its recent navigation on one or more sites or applications. Your interest in the advertising content that is displayed on your device when you visit a site, often determines the advertising resources of the site allowing it to exploit its services, often provided to users free of charge. You probably prefer to see ads that match what interests you rather than ads that are of no interest to you. Likewise, advertisers who want to see their ads being shown are interested in showing their offers to users who might be most interested in them.

> If you share your device with your device other people

The sharing with others of the use of your device and the configuration of your browser settings for cookies, are your free choice and your responsibility.